Best Places To Cruise

The Question:

What are the best places to visit by cruise ship? Med? Caribbean? Mexico? Alaska? Or other? Do share. 

My Answer:


The answer to what cruise location is best is a highly subjective one! It depends on your interests, travel style, and who you are traveling with. If you want to know where I think is the best place to travel by large cruise ship for myself, I have a couple of ideas.

My top pick would be a cruise to the South Pacific Islands. My reason for this is that I could easily fly to any of those other places you listed and travel by land. I enjoy the sights and cities more so than actually being on the large cruise liner. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and luxurious feeling to be on a cruise, but when I travel my objectives are unique experiences and cultures.

The South Pacific is not an easy place to travel and see a lot of different places without spend a ton of money on flights. In that regard I think a cruise ship is a very good deal! I know there are cruises that travel from Hawaii​ or New Zealand​ to places like Bora Bora, Tahiti, Fiji​, Vanutu​, and New Caledonia​.

Another place I would consider cruising too is Antarctica​, for the same practical reasons. It’s not that easy to get there otherwise!

If I had to pick a place out of the destinations you have listed, I would choose Alaska​. The main reason would be to experience Glacier Bay National Park​, hopefully with an optional kayaking or small boat excursion. I would definitely spend time in Alaska before or after the cruise too.

Happy travels!

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