Off The Beaten Path in Delhi

The Question:

We’re travelling to India this summer and will be in Delhi for a few days at the start and end of our trip.What shouldn’t we miss? Do you have any other tips?

The Answer:


India is my favorite place to travel, and Delhi is huge in itself. It’s not hard to imagine that there are some hidden gems. I’m going to assume that your tour will include some of the most famous sights. Just to make sure you hit the ones you want, you can also check out the top rated ones here:

Out of the things on that list I think the Lotus Temple is something you should see if your tour doesn’t already go there.

Here are a couple of my favorite places that aren’t on the main tourist trail:

Hauz Khas. This little neighborhood is probably the hippest in Delhi. It has cafes, bars, restaurants of cuisines from around India and the world, and boutique shops. It is bordered by Deer Park which has Mughal ruins that are free to explore. They are not the grandest in all of India, but I like the chill atmosphere and very few tourists.

Off the Chhattarpur stop on the yellow metro line is an amazing temple complex. It is all more recently built so it is a nice contrast to all of the historic ones you will see. The most impressive thing there in my opinion was the huge red Hanuman statue. Seriously. It’s massive. Again, hardly any tourists!

I also recommend taking a cooking class. Indian food is so complex and one of the best parts about visiting the country. It would be a great souvenir to be able to make the dishes again.

Happy travels!

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