The Best Way To See The Grand Canyon

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I’m trying to visit the Grand Canyon for my 25th birthday with a friend (25th to 27th April) in the most cost-effective way if possible. Here are my questions:

– Which is better, a day trip from Vegas/Flagstaff or staying at the Canyon?

– If staying at the canyon, hotel or camping?

– If camping, which is good campground to stay at? Would they allow cars?

– What are some materials to have that are an absolute must?

– Which trails are good for hiking beginners?

– Is it possible to see all the Canyon has to offer in 1 day?

If someone answers all these, thanks in advance!

The Answer:



It sounds like you are in the very beginning stages of planning this trip, and any of the options you mentioned for how you visit the Grand Canyon National Park could be the right one, depending on what you want out of the trip.

I would think that if the whole purpose of the trip is to see the Canyon, I would make it more than a day trip.

There are a variety of lodges and campsites in and around the national park, including drive-in campsites. Camping of course is cheaper than a hotel or lodge.

If you want the most freedom, I would definitely bring/rent a car. You can definitely not see everything the park has to offer in a single day. There are lots of bus tours going to the Canyon, but I find that idea pretty limiting.

What you bring depends on the kind of trip you do, but everyone would agree that water, sunscreen, and sunglasses are a must. Some hiking snacks are a good idea too like granola bars and oranges. You may want to have some cash on hand for buying souvenirs and snacks from local vendors.

Here are some resources to help you plan:

If you have any more specific questions about your trip, I encourage you to post them here!

Happy travels!

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