What To Do In Bangkok, Thailand?

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I am planning to visit Bangkok. Please tell me where i should visit to enjoy the trip in bangkok.


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Thailand is an amazing country to visit and almost everyone starts and/or ends in Bangkok, or even spends the entire time there! It’s easy to do. Buddhist temples and monasteries, street food, night markets, river taxis, and more. I don’t know anything about your budget or interests, but I will give you a couple of ideas and resources to help you plan.

  • A good place to start is by checking out the top sights in the city as rated by other travelers:


  • Try to spend time in different neighborhoods to get a balanced view of the city. Check out this neighborhood guide to get started:


  • Exercise your taste buds and try both Thai foods you are familiar with as well as ones you are not. Street food is practically a mandatory Thai culinary experience! The city has it’s own specialties, but being the hub of the country you will also be able to find regional cuisine. Here are some must-eat things in Bangkok:


  • Thai massages and other spa treatments are popular with tourists and locals alike. As with several Asian cultures the Thai see massage as a regular part of maintaining a healthy life, not just a special luxury treatment.

Depending how long you are in Bangkok, you may wish to escape the city and head out on a day trip. Here are some great choices for an excursion:

  • Ayutthaya: This historical UNESCO sight is probably the most popular day trip from Bangkok. It is easy to get here by bus, but taxi’s are not outrageously priced, especially if you are able to split the cost with someone.
  • Khao Yai National Park: This is what I would choose if nature is what you are after. It’s a popular spot for birders, but occasionally a tiger or elephant is also seen.
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: This is a fun place to take pictures and shop. Practice your bargaining skills though as the vendors tend to charge tourists twice the price!

Enjoy your trip to Bangkok! It’s a great place for an adventure.

Happy travels.

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