Five New Ways To Road Trip

With low prices at the gas station lately, potential road trippers have gotten serious. This is the time to hit the road on the road trip perfect for you! The summer will be here before you know it so now is the time to start planning. Road trips are an American past time, and have been a popular way to see the country for as long as there were cars. That doesn’t mean your adventure has to be old fashioned or boring though. Check out these new trends in journeying on America’s highways and byways.


The tiny house trend has taken the world by storm, and they have been popping up all over the world. If you’re not ready to downsize your life permanently, get a taste of what tiny home living is all about on your road trip.

Check out the tiny homes of your dreams here:

And here:



Get your trivia team together and hit the road. Almost every town has a bar with trivia night now, and it has become super popular. It’s a great way in infiltrate the local seen. Try to hit a variety of establishments from the hipster hangouts, to the old cowboy saloons, to sports bars. You will create so many memories! Not to mention you could win free drinks, food, or cash prizes! If you want to win, use those long drives to quiz each other.


… And National Monuments, National Historic Parks, National Seashores, and all of the other lands and waters protected by our National Park Service. Seeing these parks may seem like a cliché road trip idea, but it’s time to take another look. 2016 is the 100th anniversary of our nation’s park service, and that means lots of special events! August 25th is the official birthday, and you can expect all 407 national parks to have free admission. Here are some of the events to add to your itinerary:

-Bioblitz, May 20-21: The Bioblitz is an annual event, but this year’s is extra special. Usually the event is held in just one select park- 2015’s was in Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park. This year however, it will be held in hundreds of parks, with the headlining region being around Washington, D.C. Join the thousands in the 48 hour rapid biological survey and promote biodiversity while having a blast!

-National Get Outdoors Day Instameet in Zion National Park, June 11: Join the swarm of amateur and professional photographers along with park rangers in creating a social media storm of beautiful photos from the park! Keep an eye out for other Instameets around the country.

-L.A. Urban Nature Fest in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, June 25-26: Celebrate nature in the city. There will be local vendors, information on urban farming, and music.

-American Solar Challenge, July 30-August 6: Rally with the competitors who have built their own solar power vehicles and will be racing to nine NPS parks. The starting point is at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio and ends in Wind Cave National Park of South Dakota.

Learn more at


Large cities are big tourist draws, but aren’t necessarily the best choice for road tripping. Do you really want to deal with the traffic anyway? Another advantage to seeing small towns is that you have a chance to support small businesses that are great, but don’t always get the attention they deserve. It’s easier to get off the beaten path in small cities, and they are usually less expensive to travel in too. Perhaps the biggest advantage: you can actually find parking. So instead of Los Angeles, consider Santa Barbara. Instead of Orlando, give Naples, FL a try. Newport, RI over Boston. Flagstaff, AZ over Phoenix. You get the picture!


This is especially a great option if you are a solo traveler. Thanks to our friend the internet, meeting the local yokels has never been easier! is one of the biggest listings of hang outs on the web, and you may be surprised at the variety. Join in with a group of friends for a board night game, a casual yoga class, Spanish practice, or a hike. is another great resource for events of locals and travelers getting together for potlucks or drinks. Meeting people can be the most rewarding way to travel, and now you can be in the know with a click.


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