Common Travel Problems And How To Win

  1. Searching for flights takes hours and gets confusing.

If you are looking for the best deal on your upcoming flight, you know it is easy to look at dozens of them and then forget where the low prices were. I know I used to have spreadsheets open so I could compare the flights keep all of the airlines straight. Well technology is a great thing and now there is a convenient place to organize all of your research:

Once you set up a free account, you can search for flights on your favorite flight search engines such as Kayak, Sky Scanner, or Expedia. This time when you search, a “Pin” button will show up next to each flight. Simply click the button and it is added to your profile where you can review and compare each option.

  1. Smelly Suitcase.

Easy solution- dryer sheets! They take up almost no space and weigh practically nothing especially compared to a fabric spray. Don’t forget to put one in each of your shoes. Having a separate bag for dirty clothes can help contain these odors as well.

  1. What’s allowed through TSA security at airports?

Inevitably, if you travel by plane, you will eventually have an item that you are worried about the security agents taking when you are getting screened. You probably already know that you cannot taking firearms, liquids and gels exceeding 3.4 ounces, or knives through security. But you may have an item which is questionable. Luckily TSA has a website and app that can tell you:

They offer a “Can I Bring?” section in which you can enter just about any item you can think of, and it will let you know if it is permitted in your carry on. Here are a couple of things I have recently searched for:

-Peanut butter: Amounts of 3.4 ounces or less are permitted, it is considered a gel.

-Apple pie: It is permitted but is subject to additional screening.

-Baby formula: Amounts over 3.4 ounces are permitted but may by subject to additional screening.

The website and app can also tell which security lines are shortest, what the security wait times are, and information about TSA Pre-check.

  1. Travel is exhausting.

Many people find it difficult to get decent sleep while away from home, and this is the best way stay fresh. Here are a couple of tips:

-Bringing a sleep mask and earplugs take up very little luggage space and can be a life saver for a long flight, or if your hotel room is noisier than expected.

-Getting exercise during the day will help you sleep better at night. If you travel around the US a lot, you may want to consider a membership to a national gym chain. Alternatively, at least try to go on a walk after dinner to increase that step count.

-Expose yourself to natural daylight as much as possible in your destination, especially if you are changing time zones. This will help reset your internal clock.

-Lavender oil’s scent has a relaxing quality. You can mix a few drops with water in a spritzer to lightly spray you pillow (let it dry before using), or dap a very small amount directly under your nose.

  1. Bring a portable charger.

Getting a public plug at an airport or train station is competitive and most people use their electronics a lot when they travel. Your phone might have your boarding pass, directions to your hotel, or magazines to keep you entertained while in transit. Running out of juice is the worst! Don’t fall into this snare are travel with a small charging device. Just don’t forget to charge the charger at night!


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