Bachelorette Ideas In Charleston


The Question:

10 women in their mid-thirties traveling from all over the US to stay in Charleston for a 3 day weekend. We are staying on King Street and looking for the best group activities. Any and all recommendations are welcome.

Also, any recommendations for a private chef/catering business for a home cooked meal at home?

My Answer:


Charleston​ is a really fun place for a “girls weekend.” Here are a couple of ideas:

Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre and Shoppe​- They have hilarious whodunit shows along with drinks, appetizers, and desserts.

Wild Blue Ropes​- Depending on how adventurous your group is, you may be interested in this ropes course. They have different courses for different abilities and offer adult parties.

White Point Garden​- Nice seaside park for a bike ride, a picnic, or a stroll. There are some historic walking tours that stop here too if you are a history buff.

Charleston Water Taxi​- This is a great and affordable way to sight-see, especially if you don’t have a car. It’s $10 for a day pass. Be aware that the water taxis are seasonal.

Mira Winery​- Great place for wine tasting, and really close to King St.

Earthling Day Spa & Pilates​- Go for a mani, pedi, massage, or facial. They also offer spa treatments from around the world, as well as private pilates classes for groups.

Tease Blow Dry Bar​- They host fun beauty parties with wine and music, a perfect stop before going out for the evening.

The Gin Joint​- Unique cocktail bar.

I don’t have experience with the catering in Chalreston, but I’ve heard good things about Caviar & Bananas​ and Cru Cafe​.

I hope this helps get you started, you are going to have a blast!

Happy travels!


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