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The Question:

Ok guys. So myself, along with 12 other students are backpacking through Europe this summer studying gourmet tourism and we are each in charge of a city. I am responsible for Dublin. Any places, tours, restaurants, pubs, shopping centers, ANYTHING that I must do while I’m there?!


My Answer:



Backpacking with 12 people through Europe is going to get crazy! I wish you luck.

The first thing I would do is just browse the top rated attractions for Dublin​ to see if anything in particular is calling to you:

The advantage of having a group is that you can sometimes get a private tour or dining experience for your group that is personalized to your interests. Just remember to book these in advance so you can plan around your tour times.

I would think a food tour would be a great option, considering your field of study. There are several to choose from, but here is a highly rated one:

Ireland of course is also known for it’s whiskey, so going to the Irish Whiskey Museum might be a good choice. Tastings are included:

Another thing that is uniquely Irish are the Gaelic Games. They have workshops that teach you how to play the different sports. This would be a really fun group activity, especially for a group of students. You learn about the history of the games as well as have a chance to burn off some of those calories:

Don’t forget to build in some free time for everyone to do their own thing. Grafton Street​ is a good place to cut people loose. The street itself is a really cool place to walk around and get lunch. From here people can also walk around St Stephen’s Green​ (which also has an indoor shopping center), The Little Museum of Dublin​, National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology​, St. Ann’s Church of Ireland​, St Teresa’s Church Discalced Carmelites​, as well as plenty of little shops, bars, and restaurants. It is also within walking distance to Trinity College​ which is well worth walking around or relaxing in it’s parks.

I hope this gives you a good place to get started!

Happy travels!


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