20 Day RV Alaska Itinerary

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I am trying to plan a 20 day family trip for either this July or 2017. It’s looking more like 2017 as I am realizing that I should have planned sooner-especially for July.

I need help with itinerary. And I am also wondering if we should rent an RV or just a car. My husband and I have 3 active boys: 21, 13, and 10.

Here is my issue- the guys really love to fish! I would love to do the whole inclusive fishing lodge thing as we don’t want to haul rods, waders, etc. But they are so expensive. Are there any lodges that plan daily fishing trips and gear but where I can just cook for my family?

Would also love to see Denali and would like advice where else to go. Thanks so much. Hope this is coherent as I’m a night shift RN and I pecking away on my tablet at work right now.😀

Thank you

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Just wanted to let you know that you can rent fishing equipment in Anchorage if you did want to have some rods on hand for an impromptu cast.

There isn’t a lot of fishing to be done around Denali, but there are guides that will take you out for grayling. “Hardcore” anglers might not find it as interesting as pulling in a huge halibut or salmon, but it is still fun sport in beautiful scenery. Off course there are lots of other things to do in Denali too.

There are tons of guides and charters around the Kenai Peninsula (Whittier, Seward, Homer), as well as in Valdez, that can take you out for a day or half day. North of Valdez is the Copper River area, famous for it’s salmon. That would be a great place to cast a line and you could visit nearby Wrangell St Elias National Park.

Here is a 20 day itinerary you could consider that includes Denali and lots of fishing:

Day 1: Arrive in Anchorage
Day 2: Sight see in Anchorage for the day, possibly go fishing in Ship Creek.
Day 3: RV to Talkeetna
Day 4-7: Denali
Day 8: Denali Highway- if your RV rental allows it! It’s not paved, but is driveable and very scenic! You can stay a night along the highway or around Paxon.
Day 9-12 Copper River Center- Use the time here for salmon fishing, and day tripping into Wrangell St Elias National Park, and perhaps even to Valdez.
Day 13: Glenallen Highway- Stay either near the Matanuska Glacier or Palmer
Day 14-15: Seward- Halibut fishing charter, sea kayak (around a glacier if you like), take a Kenai Fjords sightseeing cruise, and go to the Sea Life center.
Day 16-18: Homer- Another opportunity to fish for halibut. There are also bear finding scenic flights, sea kayaking, and day tripping to Seldovia.
Day 19: Return to Anchorage
Day 20: Fly home!

Hope this helps get you started! There are tons of different ways to go about it, so just take this as a suggestion to help you think through the trip.

Happy travels!


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