Four Days in Paris

The Question:

I’m traveling with 2 other friends to Paris. Suggest me please how to cover the city in 4 days/3nights?

Also Please suggest me some good restaurants  with descent price to check out!.

I’m not a fan of Disneyland so wont be interested.

My Answer:



What kind of things is your party interested in? Famous monuments and museums? Nightlife? Neighborhoods? Getting off the beaten track? Wine tasting? Shopping? Paris has a ton of things to offer, so it’s good to know what you are after. Here is a basic Paris​ itinerary that sees the main sights and is very busy- you can modify it to your tastes:

Day 1: Arrive in Paris, check into your accommodation, pick a nearby place for dinner. Explore the area around where you’re staying by foot to get familiar with it.

Day 2: In the morning walk around Île de la Cité​, Notre Dame​, the Latin Quarter​, and Sainte-Chapelle​. Do the The Louvre​ in the afternoon. Visit the Eiffel Tower​ in the evening.

Day 3: In the morning walk down Champs-Élysées​ from L’Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile​ to Jardin des Tuileries​. In the afternoon see Musée d’Orsay​ or Musee Rodin​, or both. You could also squeeze in Musée de l’Armée​.

Day 4: Take the a day trip to the Palace of Versailles​. This could take all day, so this trip could depend on when you plan on leaving Paris.

Happy travels!

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