Free and Cheap Things To Do In Vienna

The Question:

My almost boyfriend turns 18 in April and I want to give him train tickets to Vienna to have some fun together. What shall we do so it’s not too expensive? Something fun and free, not museums or opera. Also, I would like some tips for a good café… Also less expensive. Thank you.


My Answer:


I have a few ideas for Vienna​.

Taking the tram around the historic center is cheap and a good way to see everything.

Schönbrunn​ is always free! It might be a little early to admire the outdoor gardens there, but there is a great palm house. It is a world heritage site and is worth a look.

I know you said no museums, but there are definitely some free ones, like Geldmuseum, Bezirksmuseum Landstraße​, and MUSA​. A lot of museums offer free admission for those 19 years old and younger too like Belvedere Palace​, Museum of Natural History Vienna​, Albertina​, and plenty more. If you happen to go on the first Sunday of the month, many of the museums are free for everyone that day.

If the weather is decent, you can take the bus out to the vineyards around Kahlenberg​. If the skies are clear you get a great view of Vienna’s center. Bring a picnic.

I believe going into Stephansdom​ is free, but you have to pay for a tour if you want to see the catacombs. In fact many of the churches will have free admission.

Volksgarten​ is a nice free public park.

There are several companies that offer free walking tours such as this one: It is expected that you tip your guide if you enjoyed the tour though.

Tel Aviv Beach​- There won’t be too many tourists here in April since the weather won’t be too hot, but it’s a good place to have a drink with a view of the canal.

Prunksaal der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek​ might be the most beautiful library you ever see in your life.

Der Wiener Deewan​ is a popular backpackers eatery with all you can eat Pakistani food. A few good and inexpensive cafes include phil, Café-Konditorei “Zum Roten Apfel”​, and Harvest Café – Bistrot​.

I hope you have an awesome time!

Happy travels!


The Orginal Post:


Image Credit: Thomas Ledl – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 


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